Yipe Breakroom Sessions

“Breakroom” is not a protected trade mark. Everybody can use the name freely.

Yipe’s breakroom project helps DJs, remixers and producers in SE Asia to get better known outside their local area. Yipe makes an effort to track the original creators of the music used in these mixes, but as the music is uploaded for free, re-used, altered, remixed by many other remixers, it may not be possible. Instead, we can with the breakroom project let the music creators come to us.

Yipe Records claims “Fair Use” under the copyright law in order to be able to run this project.

If you identify yourself as the original creator of a soundbite in a Breakroom Session, here is what you should do:

1. Contact Yipe on [email protected] with your claim. Name the mix number, and the minutes/seconds where your soundbite appears.

2. Yipe will confirm if you are the original owner. For example you might have original project files in your possession.

3. When we have identified you as the original creator of the music, Yipe will offer you a publishing contract, meaning you will be owner of some of the money this mix generates. If the music makes money (meaning, if people like it, buy it, and play it!), this money will be paid out according to your contract.

4. As Yipe has selected your music for our Breakroom Sessions, it means we like what you do! Why not send us more music? Maybe we will sign a contract with you! Listen more in our Style Guide.

Yipe helps getting you organized if you are not already, for example with royalty collecting societies. You will benefit from being part of our brand. We offer Facebook and Soundcloud ad campaigns, worldwide DJ promotion packages, digital distribution to lots of digital music services both in the West and in Asia, like Line Music, Tik Tok, Tencent, AWA, Spotify and Junodownload. Furthermore mastering of your music, art direction and more.

About copyright in general

When you use streaming services like Spotify or Youtube, the sound quality is lower than the original files. You can download the original high quality files to your computer or mobile phone here on Yipe.

– When you buy a high quality music file on our website, you have the right to use that file yourself. You don’t have the right to give the file to others. You can give the free version to others though.

– Remixers that want to remix our music are granted the rights stated in the remixer contract. You have different obligations, but you are granted the rights to sell and distribute your new remix and earn money on it. Yipe is one of the most fair labels to remixers, because we understand the value of remixers. You can download these remix zip files freely and ask us for a password.

– DJs and media professionals can download free, high quality versions of the files to use in their professional work.
DJs can use our music in mixes they upload to Youtube, but remember to attribute the music to Yipe Records if possible. The music might be recognized by Youtube’s content ID system, which gives you the right to use the music, but not monetize it, and but there could pop up an ad from Youtube.
Breakroom sound bites can be used in your own mixes as long as you credit Yipe/the individual producer where possible, but you can not make money on the new mix containing these soundbites.