Copyright in general

When you use streaming services like Spotify or Youtube, the sound quality is lower than the original files. You can download the original high quality files to your computer or mobile phone here on Yipe. Either you burn CD’s or take the music on a DJ gig, you will have the best sound quality available.

– When you buy a high quality music file on our website, you have the right to use that file yourself. You don’t have the right to give the file to others. You can give the free version to others of course.

– Remixers that want to remix our music are granted the rights stated in the remixer contract. You have different obligations, but you are granted the rights to sell and distribute your new remix and earn money on it. Yipe is one of the most fair labels to remixers, because we understand the value of their work. You can download these remix zip files freely and ask us for a password.

– DJs and media professionals can download free, high quality versions of our mixes to use in their professional work. DJs can use our music in mixes they upload to Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and elsewhere, but drop us a link!

Breakroom Sessions/Hit Mix Asia projects

Yipe’s “Breakroom” and “Hit Mix Asia” series have the purpose of helping DJs, remixers and producers in SE Asia making this music better known, and to make the “Sound of Asia” heard around the globe, instead of the other way around.

You can freely use these sounds in your own mixes, but give us a link back!

If you create music in these styles, please go to our Contact Page. Send us some links to your music.

When you are one of Yipe Record’s artists we help you with all matters regarding copyright, clearing of samples etc.

For copyright questions please contact Yipe on [email protected]