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Join Yipe RecordsDJs, producers & remixers

Got The "Yipe Vibe"?

There are basically 2 ways DJs, producers and remixers can work with Yipe Records

With or without a Yipe publishing deal

Sell Your Music And Video

Get paid when your music is played on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook and streaming services. Or when fans download your track on Yipe

Sell both with and without a Yipe publishing deal

Get Promoted

Video, artist profile, merchandise, Yipe Shop, digital distribution, playlists, blockchain, media downloads, remix, Facebook & Soundcloud campaigns, DJ hype & radio airplays, social media algorithms

Yipe artists are promoted in many ways.

Why Should DJs And Producers Join Yipe?

Any producer and DJ that has the "Yipe Vibe" is welcome.
But there is a lot of great talent in Asia - producers, DJs and remixers. Being less in the international loop, with standards defined by the West, they might not get the recognition they deserve.
Don't worry. Yipe Records has our eyes on you!

Yipe helps you getting Published, Promoted, and Paid.

Are you a professional in the music and media business?

Check our free
Media And Remixer Downloads .

Yipe protects your music rights, administrates your royalty income, and creates commercial opportunities.
Our aetists artists are included in our DDC (Digital Distribution Catalogue), distributed to online Digital Service Providers, and get royalties from streaming and download of their music. See some of the main digital services below. Note that this list is changing occasionally.

Asian distribution:

To join Yipe your music must have the "Yipe Vibe"!
What's that?

We promote energetic, original, creative party shakers with an Asian dance floor vibe, but also other dance/club/EDM/breaks/hardstyle as long as it has the "Yipe Vibe"

We value freshness, energy, and that you have something in your heart that is burning to get out.
Yipe wants to push you to the limit and get the best out of you.
Yipe lets you keep your creative freedom.
Yipe is your playground to party down!

Yipe is looking for tracks and mixes within dance and club music, as long as it has originality and a "good energy".

Yipe helps our publishing artists with everything, from copyright management and sample clearing, distibution and marketing, to mastering and art direction.

You Think You Got The Yipe Vibe?