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Yipe PatronsHow to be a true Yipe lover!

Become a Yipe Patron

Yipe has a "Patron" option for Yipe Lovers. For 5 USD pr. month you will get all high quality music, images and video Yipe releases, in all published formats except remix files, sent directly to your email. Save time, money and credit card fees, and support Yipe at the same time.

  • When you become a Yipe Patron, we will send all music and video Yipe has already released as a welcome gift. See the Catalogue what you will get. Please allow 5 working days.
  • Should you loose your music and video in for example a computer crash, don't worry. All Patrons can in that case get new copies sent for free by showing their original order number. That also covers if you are not a Patron anymore. All you have got from Yipe in you active Patron period will always could be reestablished for free.
  • Additionally, as a Patron you will get all new releases before all others get them, as you will be added to our VIP email list of media people, DJs and other professionals that will get promotion copies sent 30 days before release. Just follow our Release Plan to see what we are up to next! You will also be added to our News email list, so you get information about upcoming releases automatically.
  • Yipe patrons are also allowed to use all our music in their own AV productions, without any claims from Yipe. This does not count for remixes though. You need the remix licence and the remix files for that. Dont worry - they are free!
  • Patrons might get surprises from Yipe Records' partners, for example coupons.

Questions before you decide to join? Please use our Contact Page.

yipe info Patrons pay for 1 year. Simply go to "Patrons" in the link below. We will automatically send out invitations to renew with a discount for old Patrons.