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Catalog numbers with "V" means that there is a video.

Month/Year Cat. No. Artist Title
September, 2021 YP1521/YPV1521 Cyrus Khan feat. Kate Lesing (voc) "It Happened To Me - EDM/Tech House mix"
August, 2021 YP1421/YPV1421 Infusion "Capable"
TBA, 2021 YP1321/YPV1321 Blondez 'n' Bottlez "Max Out!"
TBA, 2021 YP1221/YPV1221 Various "Hit Mix Asia Vol. 03"
April, 2021 YP1121/YPV1121 Various "Hit Mix Asia Vol. 02"
April, 2021 YP1021/YPV1021 Various "Hit Mix Asia Vol. 01"
November, 2020 YP0920/YPV0920 Various "Breakroom Sessions #02"
September, 2020 YP0820/YPV0820 F.U.D.G.E. "Intentions"
April, 2020 YP0720/YPV0720 Various "Breakroom Sessions #01"
December, 2019 YP0619/YPV0619 Infusion "Legends"
December, 2019 YP0519 F.U.D.G.E. feat. Kaiya Maxfield (Voc) "Wont Be No Changes" (Remaster)
August, 2019 YP0419/YPV0419 Infusion with Kate Lesing (Voc) "It Happened To Me"
May, 2019 YP0319/YPV319 Blondez 'n' Bottlez "Gritty Kitty" (Fuck the beeeeat up!)
April, 2019 YP0219 F.U.D.G.E. "If You Believe In Love” - Dub (Remaster)
March, 2019 YP0119/YPV0119 Blondez 'n' Bottlez "Sushi Cat”
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